About ActionBar

We believe in providing the fastest help to users

Who we are?

We're a startup based in Tel Aviv. Our roots are deep in customer support and success and we've been the successful pioneers of self-serve technology development. Our mission is to bring simple and automated customer support to any site on the web.

Our Team

Yohanan Hruschev

Co-Founder & CEO

Yuval Karmi

Co-Founder & CTO

Don Neumark

Full Stack

You are

We're hiring brilliant people. Join De team :)


For over 15 years  Yuval used to dwell on how is it possible that while in websites, that have a user friendly, and well built UI, it was hard to nearly impossible to find certain functionality

Yohanan, while leading the IL Customer Success team in Duda was getting frustrated how is it possible that his team would spend 30% of their time answering simple and repetitive questions. 

Both, understanding the need for such a solution, founded ActionBar.


Come and meet us for a coffee or tea (or even a beer!). 

You'll find out that getting to know us in person has a very positive affect on your daily routine!

Tel Aviv Office
Ahad Ha'Am St 9
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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