We’re on a mission to
make customer success awesome

That means giving you – the head of customer success, the best tools to help you effortlessly learn and help your own customers succeed.

“Customer Success Should Be Autonomous.”

Our Principles

It Should Be Easy To Understand What Makes Your Customers Succeed

Users of different background get lost even in the best-designed products.

You should be able to easily gather information and understand what makes your users (and thus your company) succeed.

Repetitive Stuff Should Be Automated. The Rest, Handled By a Person

Customer Success is very polarized: there are things that absolutely require your team’s attention, and things that are repetitive time wasters.

Your should be supported by a platform that allows you to concentrate on the former.

Customer Success Should Be Autonomous; Independent of Dev

The Customer Success team has historically carried the responsibility for customer retention and (sometimes) conversion, but with one hand tied behind its back.

CS should have tools to help customers succeed without waiting on the dev team.

Our Culture

Work should be fun. We’re here to build useful things, learn and grow, and make both our employees and our customers happy.

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Leadership Team


Yuval Karmi

Chief Executive Officer

Yuval has been coding professionally since 12. He’s lived around the world and managed a global internet business before founding ActionBar with Yohanan.


Yohanan Hruschev

Chief Product Officer

Yohanan comes from the customer success field. He’s started and sold two businesses before meeting Yuval and teaming up to found ActionBar.