Instant, Personal Customer Support

ActionBar integrates with your platform to provide instant support

What your customer see

ActionBar: an instant customer support tool


Visually takes your customer where they need to go


Answer questions in your customers own words


Escalates human support when your customers need it

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What your team see

An all-in-one support dashboard that:

Reveals where your
customer get stuck

Know what you customers ask for the most, get insights about where they get stuck, and discover how to improve their experience.

Shows them
what to automate

Make sense of the thousands of requests customers make. Get regular suggestions to add Actions and Answers to better help your customers.

Integrated with your
existing ticketing system

Funnel all customer support requests to your existing ticketing system. No need to make a switch - it just works.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

We'll pull in all of your data so you can get going instantly.

1. Sync with Your Knowledge Base

  • Auto-Sync your data hourly
  • Enrich your data with ActionBar’s Smart Language Understanding​
Seamlessly integrates with:

2. Build Smart Actions

  • Turn multi-step FAQs into Smart Actions
  • Get things done in 2 clicks or less

3. Configure Customer Support Escalations

Quickly escalate to customer support when customers need to
talk to an actual person.

ActionBar System

When finding an answer requires effort, customers prefer to contact support. As a result, your ticket queue ends up looking like this:
Old Way
However, when you automate the simple things, you free up your customer support team to concentrate on addressing things that actually require a person.

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